Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feast of St. Jerome

From the Word on Fire Blog:

There is another quality of St. Jerome’s character that will console many of us who struggle to be virtuous and holy, a quality which surprises many whose image of sanctity lacks a sense of how Christ’s holiness transforms human character. Jerome was known for being a cantankerous fellow. He struggled at times with the virtue of patience, could be overbearing with those who disagreed with him, and had a reputation for being cranky. One commentator on Saint Jerome’s life noted that perhaps Jerome chose to be a hermit, not so much as a heroic act of sacrifice, but because had he not lived alone, he most assuredly would not have been a saint!

The spiritual lesson for us in this might be to remember that saints are not born with perfect characters and that even the holiest among us has become that way over time. This means that saints have shared with us all the qualities and weaknesses that vex us. However, flaws in character did not assuage them from seeking to know Christ and to live in such a way that their relationship with him was evident in their way of life. 


  1. As I'm working on my fall house chores...I needed to stop, re-read and reflect on this post.

    Keeping up can make me so cranky to my littles. I need to prioritize and regroup. It is okay to work on the chores...but do I need to do them all at once?

  2. Perfectly said...I love St. Jerome for this much-needed reminder! God Bless.


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