Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Feast of the Archangels

Our rodent situation is only partially taken care of (they travel in pairs, you know?), so we won't be doing a pinata today, not even a paper bag one being as the only place to hang one is in our garage... where the mice are. Grrrrr! BigBoy was very disappointed. I didn't realize how much he loved that little tradition. I will have to find a way to incorporate a pinata into another feast day in the future.
But we are planning to enjoy an angel food trifle today. Since my kids aren't very fond of real blackberries, we opted for the gummi version!

And don 't forget the coloring pages! 
St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael

St. Michael and all the Mighty (insert fist pump here) Archangels, protect us!


  1. Sorry about the rodents. ~No pinata outside? Hung from a tree?

    Anyway, thank you for the link to the recipe... I was wondering what I'd do and I think my family will go for this with a couple of modifications! Yay!!

    Thanks for the coloring pages, too (again!)

  2. Those darn mice! We had one up in the attic last winter. Now how in the world it got up there is beyond me!

    Maybe you could do the pinata on the feast of the Guardian Angels?

  3. Okay, um...I'm a little concerned about this rodent problem.

  4. Ugh. Hate the mice. We have an old house, so it's an annual battle. Though this year we got the foundation tuck-pointed... maybe that will help?

  5. We had an issue with mice this year too - they were behind the garage but they kept eating our tomatoes alongside the garage as well.

    Happy Feast to you as well - even if I'm late in wishing it.


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