Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Today we are off to daily Mass with Husband (whoo hoo! what a treat!) to pray for a Super Soldier in the hospital and his sweet momma who is so far away. And also for a sweet friend, pregnant with #9, who is hoping to go into labor today! Appropriate, right?

Then it's time to... wait for it... clean out the garage! Or the flower beds. We haven't decided. (I know... right? Soooooo exciting!) Hey, anything is exciting when Husband is here with us. :) Trust me, I'm sure we'll sneak in something fun.

What are your plans?


  1. We will be attending a Chrismation. It's always so fascinating to learn about the Byzantine Rite.

  2. We'll be doing lots of manual labor (read: rock picking) in honor of the holiday.

    Oh, and the opening of our schultütes and a back-to-school ice cream social in the evening.

    (See? I'm not all bad.)

    Happy Day-Home-With-Daddy!

  3. We’re actually having our first day of school. A bit sad, no? We’re trying to get ahead a bit since hubby is deployed this year-- we want to be able to just focus on him and having fun on his mid-tour break. We’ll throw in a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ for fun though!

  4. I'm hanging out with the girls while hubby is off fishing. Soon we will be off to the store from groceries to make an apple crisp for a picnic with friends late this afternoon. It's lovely today so i think we may find the park first.

    We're also praying for a friend due with #9 and hoping for labor. I suspect they may be one in the same. :-) she was in labor and thought she would deliver on Friday evening, but no go. My 3 year old was almost 2 weeks late, even based on my fairly precise dates, and only showed up because the doc insisted. I know the frustration. I mowed the lawn 5 times in that last month and ate more spicy food than I care to remember. :-)

  5. Read, clean the garage, read, drink copious amounts of coffee, read.... (I'm comforting myself iwth the good stuff because I so dread the garage job, lol!).

    Happy Labor Day, Charlotte!

  6. KC,
    I agree!

    I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your new picture! And... you are better than me this year. No schultutes and no ice cream social. Hmmmm... maybe we can squeeze in some Dr. Pepper ice cream cones over at Milwaukee Joes.

    You military wives/moms are amazing! God bless you for your sacrifices!

    Yeah... I think it's the same sweet friend we are both praying for.:)

    Well, it's about 2:30pm here and no one has even mentioned the garage. Hah! So much for plans!

  7. We just finished unstopping the clogged bathtub and bathroom sink. Or rather my hero husband did. I mainly cheered from the sidelines. Now I think we might treat ourselves to going out for hamburgers for dinner while the bleach airs out.

  8. Yes, Melanie, go take a break from those nasty chlorine fumes! I think we are going to grill some chicken over here since it is only 94 today!

  9. We took our delayed, but traditional, five year anniversary get-away...just Mommy and Daddy!

  10. We had a lovely dinner out. The kids ate mac and cheese and I had a salad and clam chowder.... Not very Labor Day-ish but yummy. I think 94 is above our cut off point for too hot to even grill! To think I'm a Texas girl. Or at least I used to be.


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