Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Randomness

1. Sunshine just finished Little Women this morning as part of her literature study. As a little treat, I let her spend some time on the computer digitally touring Orchard House, the family home of Louisa May Alcott. BigBoy, lover of technology, asked for a turn too. After making us all dizzy spinning around May's Room, he clicked over to the outside view of the house and remarked, "Wow. Were those all their cars?" OK... so we need a little more history in that kid's lessons.

2. The girls are also doing a little Texas History study this year using Catholic Texans as a guide along with a few other books along the way. On every other page, there are phrases or names to Google to help you expand your exploration. We have found some very interesting resources online namely this website which lead us to a page about La Salle and the artifacts his expedition left behind and also this page containing a map showing the location and time period of each of the Spanish Missions. Texas Beyond History has a plethora of information as well as a dedicated Kids Page with Fun & Games but was especially useful in providing a map to show the children just how an explorer like La Salle could have been more than 400 miles away from the mouth of the Mississippi and never know it. And this website with a section on the La Salle Shipwreck Project definitely wet our whistles for some more archeological themed research.

Do you ladies in other parts of the US do state history? I'm just curious. I only plan to spend a semester on it. Even though Texas history is very interesting and kind of unique compared to some other states, too many years of public school Texas history sucked all the enthusiasm out of me. (Thanks for that, Mr. Cates!) I am slowing regaining some of it thanks to these great resources and my delightful girls!

3. Our Fantasy Football Team might need a new quarterback for this weekend's games. Kevin Kolb is healing from a concussion and is tentative to play. The girls and I share this team in our extended family/friends league. They helped draft by choosing players with interesting names and pleasant smiles. You think I'm kidding! LOL! I couldn't even pronounce Visanthe Shiancoe's name when we drafted him! My choices are: David Garrard, Donovan McNabb, Sam Bradford, Kyle Orton or Matt Hasselbeck. What do you think, ladies?


  1. ummmm... none of the above?

    I lurve me some Aaron Rodgers! :)

    I always say I'm going to give Fantasy Football a shot and just never do.... maybe next season.

    Go, Pack!

  2. Sue,
    My BIL already has Aaron Rodgers. I am limited to the QBs that haven't already been claimed!

    You should totally try it. Get a family league going! It really is fun. You can be as competitive or non-competitive as you like and Yahoo hosts free leagues that you don't have to pay to join. Usually we just set up a team and hope for the best. I like to make sure that we don't leave holes like when someone is on bye or out for an injury, but other than that, we don't mess with it too much.

    I was leaning that direction just because it was the only name I really recognized.

  3. OK, this has nothing to do with your post, but...

    I'm so happy you fixed it so us busy moms can read you on google reader!!!!

    It's so much easier, I have to admit, I usually don't read when people do that half post thing.

    Thank you, thank you!!!

  4. Hey Jamie Jo,

    In a post about randomness, I think your comment fit right in! : )

    You're welcome!

  5. Links links links! You are awesome!

    (And yes, I agree with Jamie.)


    (Lazy moms unite!)

  6. Hasselback. My 11 year old is just started reading Little Women for the first time, I'll check into the Orchard House site, sounds fun. No, I don't do state history.

    Off the subject how is sweet Momma Hayley doing?

  7. I have a few girls who will love looking into the home of Miss Alcott!

    The Catholic Texans info is great. We only study it the last quarter of 4th grade.

    You are right. It is an amazing history...and that is coming from a northerner!

    Took my kiddos to the Missions in San Antonio. Was very displeased with the secular approach that was presented to the public, the the parks system, on how and why the missions were established.

    But, the beautiful noon Mass at Mission San Jose more than made up for the misconceptions.

  8. Cool virtual tour! You know we live so close and yet I've never been to Orchard House. But I did visit Wayside House, next door another house where Louisa lived-- and Hawthorne too. (I think Orchard House might have been closed the day we were there.) And I've been to Walden Pond on that same trip. Of course Wayside House set off my asthma something awful--probably the mold-- a virtual tour doesn't do that.

    Someday y'all need to travel up this way for a field trip. It would be very educational.

  9. Love Little Women.
    We do State History every Friday in 8th grade. Part of Seton's plans. They require two field trips, one to a church, cathedral or mission, and one to a courthouse.

  10. My girl Natalie just finished Jo's Boys and Eight Cousins. I think she'll love this!

  11. We always do state history because we always got to local history museums. Other than that, I wouldn't know what state history to do...

    Husband says Orton is the best pick. We've got our own league here, and I'm just a bit sick of FF (and it's not yet week 2).


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