Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Randomness

1. Here is the Library Scavenger Hunt in printable pdf format. Most of the questions are pretty easily transferable to your own library. If your library doesn't have any kind of display shelves you could use a bulletin board or other display or just skip that question altogether. Also, you might want to check that your library has a copy of Funny Letters by Famous People before answering question #18. If not, use any other book's call number. This question was designed to demonstrate that the student knew how to do a call number search using the computer catalog.

2. Nothing gets you moving and cleaning out the garage like a crisp cool morning. That... and finding mouse droppings all over your sewing stash cabinet! Blech!!! Husband has already been called and will be coming home at lunchtime to set traps. My hero! I don't do mice.

3. Listening to a little boy read aloud about komodo dragons makes my morning. Hopping on the internet to find a picture of a komodo dragon on Komodo Island makes his!

4. And now, for total randomness, check out the breathtakingly beautiful pictures on this website:

Nature's Best Photography ~ Ocean Views

P. S. Really cool Komodo dragon coloring page here.


  1. I can empathize about the mice. I had some baby Winter things stored in the garage this past year (blankets, car seat covers, etc). I recently went to retrieve and wash them and found that they had housed and warmed a good number of mice sometime this year. They chewed holes in some of my favorite things in order to bed down in the interior fluff. :(

  2. Thanks for the library scavenger hunt questions!!!! Very cool!

  3. Maybe praying to St Martin dePorre will help with the mice issue. Thanks for the Library Scavenger Hunt. It's really cool! I've printed a copy to use with my kids and to share with my SIL & her homeschool group.


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