Friday, October 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes About My Mom


Today is my mom's birthday. She has always been "Mom" to me but the kids call her Grammie.

This is probably my favorite picture of my mom and me. It was taken leaving the hospital when I was born. Car seats? This is 1974. We didn't need no stinkin' car seats!

My mom is one of those people who can get along with anybody even grumpy old spinster secretaries who snarl at everyone. If there is even the slightest chink in that wall of antisocial behavior, my mom will find a way in.

She makes the best strudel! Apple strudel! When I was little, I used to sit at the table and she would "accidentally" drop apple slices or raisins outside the dough and say, "Oh, I can't use those now!" Yeah... she's sneaky like that! ; )

My mom is the kind of Grammie who really loves playing with her grandchildren. I mean, she gets down on the floor to hide under the blanket with them or lets them dress her up for an afternoon tea. She also loves talking with them especially as they have gotten older about the things that they are interested in and always lets them know how special they each are to her.

My mom has a giant green thumb and is an honest-to-goodness, authentic farm girl. Proof. She grew up on a real, working farm with pet chickens and goats and turtles and puppies. Lots of puppies. If ever I wonder where Shortcake gets her love of animals from, I don't have to wonder long!

She is the baby of her family and the only one who could always get my grumpy grandpa to smile. She loved her parents tremendously. Still does, I know. Her devotion to honoring her mother and father is an inspiration. She taught me to treasure them, too and let me spend countless hours in their presence. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!


  1. Your mother is/was beautiful and YOU, my dear, were a cutie patootie! (Don't know that I've ever had to spell that before.)

    I love tributes, especially ones to the dear sweet souls that gave us life. Prayers for your mother, your father, you.

    Happy weekend! I clicked on the link to your mom's garden and oh! Sigh! The fall colors here in MN are fast fading and the forecast for next week? SNOW.

  2. Wow, Charlotte, you look like your mom!!!! Amazing.

  3. Margaret,
    Thanks. Now my girls are whining even more about how hot it is here and bemoaning their fate for not living in Minnesota!

    Thank you, Barbara! I consider that a high compliment!

  4. You do look like your mama. Love that would be my favorite too.

    Happy Birthday Charlotte's mama!

  5. I LOVE that is perfect! What a wonderful mother you have...and taught you so much!

  6. My first thought looking at that picture was how much your mom looks like I remember you from college.

    What a sweet tribute to your mom.

  7. I have to agree with the others... your mom is beautiful and you do look just like her!

    A birthday Ave sent up in her honor!

  8. Beautiful! And so funny/true about the lack of car seats, I was a 74 baby too!

  9. Beautiful tribute to your mom! Many happy years to her!!


  10. Happy belated birthday to your mom!

    I loved seeing the picture of you two! You DO look like your mom!

  11. this is by far my favorite post that you ahve ever written. Happy Birthday to your mom.


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