Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Dude's Quiltie

I loved this color combination and I hope the Little Dude's momma does too. It kind of reminded me of her with her dark complexion and love of things kind of funky and chic. But of course, it's blue... for a boy! Who says that baby boy stuff has to be all primary crayon colors and trucks?

The Teething Bling necklace was a little something fun recommended by Jessica. I haven't used one (yet), but her little Rose sure seemed to like hers. It was a total coincidence that the color matched the blanket since I had ordered it a few months ago. Happy coincidence, to be sure!

And since Miss Margaret was here while I was putting this Quiltie together, she now knows all the secrets of Quiltie making and my haphazard sewing skills. Although, I forgot to swear her to secrecy, darn it! Is it too late now? : )


  1. Wow! That turned out great. I am a big fan of blue & chocolate myself :)

    What a great friend you are!

  2. Charlotte~
    I absolutely LOVE the colors!! Thank you so very much, friend!
    You are so amazing.. And Little Boo hasn't let go of hers since you fixed it after years of loving!!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt Charlotte! You are hands down one of the most talented women I know. I'm so jealous Margaret got to meet you. Now I'm trying to figure a reason for a visit to TX! :)

  4. I just read your comment on Margaret's site. You summed it up perfectly... being able to HEAR her voice as you read her words.

  5. Lovely fabric. What a sweet gift.

  6. love it so much. you're such a little Martha.

  7. Oh!! That is so super cute! I love that you included the Teething Bling! Hope her baby loves it as much as my little one does! :-)

    And I loved seeing all the pictures on Margaret's blog!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!


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