Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Little Crouton

This is Crouton.

Those of you who have been reading here for a while might remember our doggie adventures beginning with the not-so-great greyhound saga of 2009 and ending with the Crouton cuteness of 2010.

We all wholeheartedly believe that Crouton is the right dog for our family. She's a little nervous and anxious just like me, especially after dark. She is playful and nurturing like my girls, loves to chew things (but nothing she shouldn't), especially food, like my growing boys, and has a sensitive stomach like... well, we won't say who.

She is also highly intelligent (the vet says that's the terrier in her, not the Chihuahua). After about a week of house training, she learned to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. Sometimes, it's to take care of business and other times, it's to take a little sunbath.

She also lets us know when she is feeling frisky and wants to play. She howls in the silliest way, it's almost like trilling an "R" like you would speaking Spanish. When we hold a toy up and say "Ready?" she supplies her own unique little "Go!" The kids wanted me to share this with you all. Some of you were very helpful and supportive when we were beginning this adventure. Thank you!
Sorry it's so dark. It was after the kids went to bed that she decided she wanted to play so Husband obliged.


  1. SO cute!! This almost makes me want a little doggie... :-)

  2. I can't second Jessica's comments enough. I'm sure your family, especially your little St. Francis in training are just so happy. Crouton is the perfect fit for you.


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