Sunday, October 3, 2010

St. Francis Coloring Page

I can tell by Scribd's stats that St. Francis is the most popular saint for whom I have a coloring page. Even more popular than St. Michael and Mother Teresa. Just to make it easier to find tomorrow... here is the link. We will be making some homemade animal cookies and possibly some critter treats for our Crouton and her neighborhood friends.

If you would be so kind as to say a prayer for my little Shortcake who has a busy week coming up and who claims St. Francis as her special patron, I would appreciate it!

Thank you!


  1. You know I will. I may have a little treat for her once I get unpacked. I'll email you. Happy St. Francis day. I guess I am doing the most appropriate thing for me to do that day, but to work tomorrow.

  2. Hi Charlotte! I just recently started checking our your blog and I LOVE IT! You are so brilliantly creative. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I wanted to let yo know I gave a shout out for your blog on my budding blog. Here is the link to the post:

    Thanks again for all of your creative sharing and have a wonderful Feast of St. Francis! God bless!


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