Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Commemoration of the Holy Souls

Collect (from Masses for the Dead):
Merciful Father,
hear our prayer and console us.
As we renew our faith in Your Son,
whom You raised from the dead,
strengthen our hope that all our departed brothers and sisters
will share in His resurrection,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen

I am begging for your help. Anyone who knows how to really get results from St. Anthony, please bug him for me. Today, we are going to try to visit the grave of a great-aunt of mine. Try.

Before my Pawpaw passed, he told me that his baby sister was buried in our area back in the late 1920's. His family was only living here while his father as attending the Baptist Theological Seminary. They moved away after he graduated and never returned to this part of Texas.

I have spent a few years gathering information and today, we are going to try to physically locate her grave. However, there might be a problem. Even though all of my evidence points to a particular cemetery and a great-aunt confirms that there was indeed a grave marker, the cemetery association has no record of her name on any grave marker right now. This small cemetery has not escaped the ravages of time or vandalism. There are a few stones classified as "unreadable" and I'm hoping that with your prayers, St. Anthony's help and the name that I am looking for in hand, I might be able to recognize one of the "unreadable" markers as hers.

Please pull any heavenly strings you can! I would certainly appreciate it!


  1. We will definately pray to our beloved "Tony". :)

    May I add without sounding terrible, what a fascinating task at hand.

  2. Will pray for that today...hope you find something. We try to return every couple years to a small town up north to clean off the grave marker for one of my husband's great grandparents. He can never remember where it is, but amazingly I have the spot burned in my brain. Paul appreciates that!:)

  3. I will indeed pray for you today. That is a beautiful thing you are trying to do. It makes me a bit homesick for my hometown, where I have members of both sides of my family buried in the same country cemetery.

  4. I will definately say a prayer for St. Anthony's intercession. He is one of my favorite. I have a little prayer rhyme in Spanish. "San Antonio Bendito, ayudame a buscar, lo que necesito." In English, Blessed St. Anthony, please help me find what I need.

  5. Oh, we are great friends with St. Anthony and will definitely beg his intercession on your behalf today. And what a day to be looking! God bless you all.

  6. Another one of my oft invoked saints...I've already lifted up your request to heaven.

  7. Praying that you find it. What an intriguing bit of detective work.

    We had to settle for going for a little stroll in the closest cemetery rather than visiting the grave of a loved one today.

    I know that Dom's grandparents are all buried somewhere nearby, as in within an hour or so driving distance, but I don't know exactly where and I don't think he does either. One of these year, though, I'll do the detective work and then take the kids for a visit. My grandparents are in Illinois and Arizona.

  8. Praying here as well. To St. Anthony. And St. Jude too, just in case it helps.

  9. Praying for you! Let us know how it goes!


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