Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holy Souls Mantle

Our Holy Souls mantle looks a little different this year. I saw Barb's and decided that I liked the contained look of it; nice and pulled together instead of more spread out. I found the candle holder at Hobby Lobby but instead of wrapping the wires to the frame (I just couldn't make mine as tight as Barb's) Husband cut the wooden frames I'd used in the past in half and I placed them behind. Instead of choosing cards of people we didn't know from my grandmother's collection, we chose only those people we have a personal connection with.


  1. This is a beautiful idea, Charlotte.

  2. I love how this looks, Charlotte. I've been wanting to do something similar as well after seeing Barbara's setting. Ours is more spread out using pictures of our dear departed in frames. I just pulled all the pictures together on the mantle with one candle in the middle.


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