Friday, November 5, 2010

My sweet hubby... my blog yesterday and...
 ... brought home a treat to celebrate our name day! 
(I say "our" name day because Charles is also a middle name that multiple male family members share!)
Isn't he sweet?
So was the treat!

This company's slogan is "So yummy you'll wish it didn't have a hole in it!
Oh. yeah!



  1. He is sweet! I miss you both!

    Happy belated name day. It was also Felicity's godmother's birthday and is a special day for us, too.

    PS. That St. Charles was a heck of a great guy, wasn't he?

  2. "So yummy you'll wish it didn't have a hole in it!" It almost looks like it doesn't with all that frosting-lol. That's my kind of cake, light on the cake & heavy on the frosting :) Happy bleated name day.

  3. oops! that was supposed to read:
    Happy belated name day.

  4. Ahh. Love it when they do those sweet things:)

  5. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious! Now I'm craving cake :)

  6. That cake looks divine!! Love the look of all the icing in the middle, you are making want cake right now!!

  7. Oh! That was SO sweet!!

    It is probably a good thing we don't have those delicious looking cakes available around here. . . YUM!!!

  8. That looks so yummy! And their name and ad line cracked me up!!

  9. What a catchy tag line!

    "So yummy you'll wish it didn't have a hole in it!"

  10. Happy Name Day a bit late, Charlotte! :)

    Where is this cake shop? I have never seen any in my neck of the woods and that cake looks delicious!

    Hugs to you.

  11. Those are some delicious cakes.


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