Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pollinating Donuts

As I have said before, the girls are studying botany this year (thanks to the encouragement of an in-town friend) and this little activity was too cute not to share.

OK, so the idea is that you let your kiddos take bites of a powdered sugar donut (without using their hands) telling them that the powdered sugar represents the pollen on the anthers.
Next, have them take bites of a plain donut in an attempt to visually represent the kind of pollination that a bee does when it buzzes from flower to flower.
 The powdered sugar left behind on the plain donut is the evidence of pollination, so to speak.
It's a simple "experiment" and the sugar lips are totally worth it!

And for those of you who might think we are crazy to be studying bees and pollination at this time of year, I present exhibit A:
 as in "Ahhhhhh!!! Where did the fall weather go?"


  1. Very cute! It's warm here too :(

  2. Ah! That is a good one. I showed my girls...I couldn't tell what they loved better; the experiment or the fact that your kids had donuts! Lovin' the weather!!!

  3. Right here, right now ... 11F with a wind chill of -3 (yes, that's negative in November!).

  4. Sounds like a GREAT excuse for eating donuts ... I'll have to remember this one!

    Blessings and hugs dear Charlotte!


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