Friday, December 3, 2010

7 Quick Birthday Takes...

Yes, she really does have naturally red hair.  No bottle job there!

She is the second shortest person in the family and that includes family by marriage. Although I should tell you that at a whopping 5 feet 5.75 inches, I am one of tallest girls. I'm not going to say THE tallest, because I haven't seen my nieces in a few months and it's possible that title belongs to one of them now.

One of her favorite classes in school was Speed Reading and she was really good at it according to her brother!

She wrote a book in high school. And her first NANOWRIMO novel has become a favorite with all my children. Especially The Professor who even named a stuffed animal after the main character and is anxiously awaiting the sequel...hint hint!

She was the first one to pop a wheelie on the pink Flyer bicycle she shared with her sisters. This was obviously very impressive to her younger by YEARS brother. (He said that, not me. They are only 3 1/2 years apart.)

She has always had a great imagination and knack for story telling. She convinced my husband that sharks would come up from the drain to eat him. He still panics a little around a full sink. :)

She is a very caring person and a very thoughtful person and I am privileged to call her Sister and Friend.

Happy Birthday, Erin!

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  1. What a sweet (and humor-filled) tribute to your SIL. I picture her with quite the fiery, go-getter type of personality.

    So wonderful that you have such a close relationship.

    I liked how you measured yourself to the exact inch!! (I do the same.)

  2. happy birthday to your sister who shares the same name as my sister has

  3. I’ve ‘seen’ you both for years now on different boards, blogs, yahoo groups, etc and never knew you were related. Neat!


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