Friday, December 17, 2010

The No Snow-man

Craft post ahead... you have been warned!

I saw a different version of this little guy at our piano teacher's house and just had to make my own. You crafty types out there know what I mean by that! Now, her snowman was a little more "country folk" while ours is definitely a "dapper dan". Hers was also made with shorter boxes but the taller ones were all I could find at the craft store. I purchased five sizes, but realize now that the tallest one is a little unnecessary and kind of redundant.
 OK, so you start with cardboard, round boxes that can nest inside each other. Like this...

  Not too tightly because you are going to add some doodads to the outside of a few of them.

 You'll also need a couple of buttons, some ribbon and paint (I used white, black and orange).

 Here is how you paint them. The three largest ones (or two, if you prefer) get painted white; tops and bottoms. Don't worry about the insides unless you really want to. Also, don't worry about slopping the paint on evenly. I like the brush stroke look. Locate the seam of the box and hot glue buttons onto the opposite side (that way, your seam will always be in the back). I actually sewed some embroidery thread in the button holes to look like they were sewn on but also to keep the hot glue from oozing out of the holes. Totally optional. Next glue some ribbon with a bow tie around the top of the smallest (of the largest ones). I used a glue stick for the ribbon instead of hot glue and a dab of tacky glue on the ends to keep the ribbon from shredding.

Of the two smallest ones, paint both the tops black and the bottom of the smallest one. These are going to make your snowman's top hat and hat band. Glue some ribbon around the top of the smallest one. The larger one (of the smallest two) gets painted white.

Then it get's a painted face. The original version had a cute carrot shaped nose that curved to the side but I couldn't make mine not look like a rhinoceros, so an orange button nose it is!

So here is what all of the pieces look like with their tops on. The smallest one sits upside down. I forgot to add that I used disposable sponge brushes for paining Except for the hot glue on the bow tie and the buttons, I don't see why the kids couldn't help with this project. (Mine didn't because they were working on some Kris Kringle surprises for each other. Shhhhhh!)

Meet Dapper Dan, our forever snowman!
He never melts, but he does collapse and stores easily inside himself!

This could even be a cute homemade gift for a child. I would suggest painting buttons instead of using real ones if you are worried about choking hazards. Hot glue is tough, but not fool proof!


  1. VERY cute! I might have to do this, maybe even after the first of the year. I always keep my snowmen decorations out until spring.


  2. Oh, he's too cute! My oldest daughter is going to love this craft. Thanks, Charlotte!

  3. Charlotte, You're a craftsy lady! thanks for sharing!

  4. I made some snowmen similar using clay pots to sit at the front door one year. They are such cheery little guys!

  5. This is just too cute not to do :) I have to add this to my project list for next Christmas! Thanks for the idea :)

  6. I think I need to go find myself some boxes and some blue ribbon. :)


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