Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Yarn Along that wasn't

I had hoped to Yarn Along this week, but apparently, God had other plans. Like...raw sewage spilling from the front of my house. Again!

Thankfully, the sewage was not in my house, only outside of my house. And also thankfully, the city determined that the problem was with the main pipe, so they are responsible for clearing it. You know it's a bad blockage when the big burly utility men suddenly shout, "Woah!!!" from across the street! Our house just so happened to the be lucky "release valve" for the back up! Great. How did we discover this? You don't want to know. Let's just say it has to do with items coming up from our sewage line that nobody in this house uses!
So, my yarn along plans were a wash, so to speak. I had planned on starting this cute little project, Lily the Christmas Elf, for fun, not a gift, so I can always just postpone it. We've never done the elf on a shelf thing, but she just looks so cute, I can't resist! And for reading material, do plumbing discussion forums on the most sewer system friendly toilet paper count?

Hope you have a very uneventful day!


  1. Oh! That's awful!! I'm so sorry for you, Charlotte!

    That doll is really cute! I've crocheted blankets and scarves, but I've never attempted a doll. I should try to sometime, though. I know my girls would love it. :)

    Praying that your sewer problem gets taken care of quickly!

  2. ewwwwwwww gross!!
    But the elf looks like a super cute fun knit, so I know it has to be something to look forward to for you :)

  3. Oh man! We had that happen in our basement up north....Christmas Eve night!!! (I had presents hidden right at ground zero....shudder!)

    I think the hubs thought I was going to have a nerous break down - LOL - I can laugh now :)

  4. I just have to tell you that my middle son just came up and asked why I have an elf on my computer. He said, "Take it off! It makes me think the devils want us to pray to their gods!" Where does he get this stuff? Cute doll, though! If I could knit, I'd pick that project.;) Sorry about the plumbing mishap. We had a gas line break on Sunday night. We had three hours of pounding while the workmen fixed it from 12:30-3AM. Ugh!

  5. Eeeewwwww is right. I never thought about stuff like that---only the stuff that we all produce. Ick.

  6. Sorry about your toilet troubles! Member's Mark toilet paper from Sam's seem to be the best we've found - soft enough for tushies, but easy on sewers and septics.

  7. Oh, so sorry to hear about your sewage troubles. That is no fun at all :( The little Lily elf is cute though. Hope the problem gets fixed up quickly for you.

  8. oh no, how awful. Our last home had septic troubles that really put us past the point of being patient. I'm so glad the city took the blame on this one and hope it is resolved.

  9. Yuck! My sympathy, Charlotte! As a boater I know what goes into a holding tank has to eventually come out of a holding tank and if there is a clogged hose you'd just better walk away or you'll learn some nice salty words! lol!


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