Friday, January 21, 2011

Another movie suggestion...

Can you guess how we cope with temperatures like these?

When it gets cold like this (don't laugh Minnesota!), we don't want to go anywhere if it feels like a chore. Not even the library! That explains the extra online educational exploration and embracing the afternoon movie!

If you are a dog loving family, you might like Nova: Dogs Decoded. It's on Netflix Instant Watch right now and we found it really fascinating. Especially the eye tracking technology they used to determine a dog's visual focus and the domestication experiment they did with foxes! Wow!

So, how are you surviving these winter doldrums? Movies? Chocolate? Warm beverages?


  1. I'm Minnesota too, and I'm laughing. I'm actually wishing and looking forward to next week when we will see 20 degrees!!

    (that is cold for Texas though, I admit it)

  2. Keep them coming! We've tried some real duds on instant streaming....even ones with good ratings from Common Sense Media have turned out to be too scary or intense for us, of course my 5 year old son and I cry at the drop of a hat, you should see us at the beginning of Lion, Witch & Wardrobe when the mom is saying goodbye. :) I took my two little ones to the store yesterday morning and it was SO COLD! Then I laughed at myself as I read Little House In The Big Woods to my two oldest last night! I cannot handle the cold...and yet I still curse our TX summers

  3. We'll have to check that out for D week next week.;) I can't believe how happy I am this year...very content! Praise the Lord.:) We've all taken up knitting and the little ones are really getting into the books to ward off the cold. I thought TX would be a nice reprieve...maybe I'll just stay where I am. Although, I do miss my mom terribly.:(

  4. We just started season 1 of Dr. Who last night!

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. My boys are dog crazy and always trying to find good "dog stuff" on netflix. We are going to watch your last recommendation about the bear this afternoon.


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