Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ornament/Necklace Display

I saw on Kelly's blog a lovely ornament display tree that her family was using as a Jesse Tree! Fabulous idea, BTW!!! But I already had a Jesse Tree for this year, so my mind wondered over to a different problem. Our Christmas tree (artificial) is very small. Rather, it's very narrow. It stands about 6 ft. tall but it's not very full which means that we can't fit as many ornaments on it as if it was nice and wide. Since my children have been gifted ornaments from relatives and friends over the years, their personal collections are significant. For the past few years, Husband and I have not had any space to put our ornaments on the tree.

And I was a bit heartbroken thinking that the children wouldn't know them or remember them fondly if they just stayed packed away in a box. Some of them are from when we were first married on our honeymoon, some were gifts from grandparents who are no longer here, some are the only ones that survived many childhood moves and years of packing and unpacking.

Well, I couldn't make up my mind about the display tree, but in the meantime, I found this necklace tree at Hobby Lobby. It was in their Christmas section although not specifically labeled as a Christmas item. I love things that do double duty! Our Easter baskets double as washcloth holders in the linen closet the rest of the year. Our cookie jar is suitable for both Christmas and the rest of the year with a simple 180 degree rotation.

And now, our ornament display tree can hold my necklaces and bracelets (without tangling) all year long!

I'm still debating about the actual display tree for next year. It looks so pretty with the themed ornaments on it in the picture and I can easily imagine it looking just a lovely with themed Jesse Tree ornaments as well, but our personal ornaments are hodge podged and I'm not sure I would like it as much. Husband has suggested we get another small, narrow artificial tree for our ornaments to put in our front living room. What do you think?


  1. I really like the necklace tree! I think you could stick with that if it is big enough to display all the ornaments you would like out. Or you could do another small Christmas tree like your husband suggested. I know several families that have two trees. One for family/kids ornaments and one that is more fancy (decor wise). The family one is usually in the family room and the fancy one is displayed in front of a front facing window.

    Btw, the ornament tree I have unscrews and fits flat nicely for storage if that makes a difference.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be lovely. You have such a wonderful creative talent.

  2. For extra ornaments we use a tall skinny tree that has an urn type bottom. People put them outside on either side of the door. They usually are prelit ;).

  3. Beth,
    Would you mind trying to find a picture of what you're thinking of and sending it to me? I think I know what you mean but I am a very visual person.


  4. My mom and her friend have been getting tree branches for years and stringing them with lights and anchoring them in big planters. I know this is an old idea, but then I saw the same thing in Restoration Hardware this year and it looked great.

  5. Last year our tree (5'5" very skinny) could no longer hold all our ornaments. And it was shedding. And had bald spots. (It was all the NEGATIVES of a real tree, with none of the positives!)

    So as a family Christmas present, last year we went to and got our "Aspirational Christmas Tree."

    At 7.5" tall and Really Wide, it's probably too big for the house. We only have enough ornaments to decorate the front side. Our lights only reach halway down. But it has those awesome 'real feel tips!'

    You have a houseful of kids AND a craft family. Your collection is only going to grow. Maybe it's time to consider getting a bigger tree......

    (Oh... our new one also folds up better and is easier to put together than the old crummy one. We didn't get pre-lit, because we were working with a budget and don't mind stringing lights.)

  6. Oh Deirdre,
    Don't think I didn't suggest it! My kids are hopelessly in love with this tree! The wailing and gnashing of teeth I heard when I suggested we replace it was unbearable! :) Now, if it started going bald, I might be able to convince them to reconsider.

  7. I'll be keeping an eye out for your solution -- I have the same problem, which I mentioned in this post ( yesterday!


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