Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Thank you all for your kind words and good wishes! For those of you who have been so kind to ask:

I am officially due on September 15th which is the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows. If you add nine days to that (since my other children were all born 9 days late) we get September 24th as my unofficial date. September 24th is the feast of Our Lady of Mercy and the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham (which commemorates a little known Marian shrine that has a very interesting history). I am trusting that Our Lady has her guiding hand on me during this pregnancy. She and St. Therese have been such powerful intercessors!

My current doctor, who did not deliver my other 4 children, was a little shocked to hear that they were all born nine days late. Maybe not shocked, but he was very curious about it. I guess it is a little odd.

My kids like to have a nickname for babies in utero, something non-gender specific and often times a little silly. I can't stand calling a wee little one "it". The pictures we brought home for them from the doctor's office showed the baby actual size and also magnified. When we pointed out that the actual size showed the baby to be about the size of one of their gummy bear vitamins, they immediately decided this little one should be known as "Gummi B." until we have an actual name. We will be finding out the baby's gender when we can!

I have to be honest and tell you that their initial reaction to our news was mixed. And I felt like the worst pro-life mom in the world! Aren't pro-life children supposed to jump up and down and cheer at the news of a new baby in the world?! There were some tears (theirs and mine), there was a lot of quiet. They were concerned about the baby's health until we reassured them but then they couldn't quite wrap their brains around being a group of five when they have been four for so long. You see, none of them remembers having a baby in the house. When BigBoy was born, the older three were 6, 5 and 3. They have vague recollections of his babyhood, but not many. When we pointed out to them that they have a good 7 1/2 months to get used to the idea of bringing a baby home, they felt much better!

I'm getting used to the idea that it's OK for them to feel unsure right now. I think I was wrong to expect them to be happy, thrilled, and excited right from the get go. It was like I was asking them to be happy, thrilled, and excited about turning 18 and going off to college. They can't even imagine that as a reality, how can they be expected to react to it? As we get closer to this baby's arrival, I think they will learn to imagine the reality and then the feelings of excitement will develop. Not surprisingly, it is the girls who are warming up to the idea the fastest with the youngest boy not trailing too far behind. The Professor has always done things on his own time schedule. We reminded him that he wasn't thrilled either when we told him we were rescuing a puppy, in fact, he was pretty opposed to the idea, but now, he gives her secret hugs and enjoys her crazy antics. He'll be fine.

Sleeping Beauties
I'm feeling OK. I try not to ever complain about my nausea because in the grand scheme of things it is such a little sacrifice to make for something so wonderful as a new baby. Besides, I have friends who clutch the toilet bowl the whole nine months. Now nauseousness is one of my least favorite sensations but the nausea that I have is nowhere near as debilitating as those sweet friends and it only tends to last the first few months. I can be a big girl and deal with that!

I have been experiencing some weird symptoms courtesy of the low dose progesterone I'm on. Because of my history of miscarriage and my early blood work, the doctor determined that I was a little on the low side and started me on it at about 6 weeks. Random dizzy/drowsy spells are really not fun, especially when you're driving! So far, they haven't lasted long and I should only be on it a few more weeks. Yay!

And for those of you who have kept us in prayer and plan to do so throughout this pregnancy... thank you, thank you, thank you! Your excitement, enthusiasm and love are the best gifts we could be given!


  1. Ahhh! I love the new nickname:)

  2. I think the nickname is fabulous! We do the gummy bear vitamins, too.

    I'm sure the kids will be warming up to the idea of a baby as your belly grows and of course there's always the first kicks to make it all very real. :)

    I'm still on cloud 9 for you, Charlotte. Very happy, indeed.

  3. We have been praying for you daily...the twins were 5 when our youngest came along...miscarriages were part of our journey, too. When we told our kids a baby was on the way the youngest sighed, "I just wanted a cat!" I can tell you that today she is thrilled with baby brother! He's the youngest of 5, too. Well, 10 when we count those who proceeded us!

    God bless you and Gummi B!!!! Dena

  4. I'm so happy for you Charlotte! This is just so wonderful. I'm praying he/she arrives on my birthday, Sept. 29, the Feast of the Archangels!

  5. I am so thrilled for you all! Gummi B. that is so cute. We always call our babies bellybean until they are named.

    You'll be in our prayers as will little gummi b.

  6. You'll be in my prayers. I love the gummy bear picture!

  7. So exciting! I'm so happy for you. I don't think the kids' responses are surprising. Even the most pro-life parents sometimes panic and wonder what they've gotten themselves into!

  8. I'm so happy for you, Charlotte! I will continue to keep you and sweet Gummy B. :-)

  9. I have a son who was born on Sept. 15th. We'll be praying for Gummi B.

  10. Hmmm .. nine days late .. just the perfect amount of time for a novena! Keeping you and Gummi B in our prayers.

  11. Kids are honest, aren't they? I will continue to pray for good health and that the nausea makes a quick exit. Still such exciting news.

  12. Congratulations Charlotte! I will definitely keep you in my prayers. That precious baby is blessed to have you as a loving mama.

  13. what a blessing. continuing to keep you in my prayers. I was on progesterone with my last pregnancy too and you are so right it made the beginning of my pregnancy so different from what i had experienced before. Much love.


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