Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy St. Brigid's Day!

Warm Irish soda bread and potato pancakes for breakfast with cocoa and St. Brigid...

I love how you can see the snow falling in the mug of cocoa!
Lots of snuggling to do today... nothing else planned.


  1. Look at all that snow!! Enjoy snuggling with your kiddos, it sounds perfect! Happy Feast of St. Brigid!

  2. If the roads hadn't been so bad, I would have been at your house for breakfast:)

  3. I can't figure out what I am more jealous of the snow or the breakfast. Fun and yum.

  4. Charlotte,

    Thank you so much for the soda bread reminder in your coloring book pages post. I was out of bread this morning (poor Ben was lost without his morning toast) and just had time to stir up a loaf and pop it into the oven before I had to head out to my OB appt. Perfect.

    The children loved it. I think Sophie had three pieces at lunch as well as another at dinner. And I had more pieces than were good for me. (Mmmmm including some with Nutella for dessert tonight.) We've got less than a quarter of a loaf left.

    It turned into a real St Brigid's day dinner when by sheer chance I made the potato leek soup I've been planning for a while. (I bought the leeks last week but then ran out of potatoes and got them at the store today.) Paired with some sauteed beet greens and roasted butternut squash, I had an unintentional Irish flag theme going: orange, white, and green. Too funny. But it made me think of you and how you'd have worked out that menu intentionally and decked the table and made everything festive. So thanks for all the ways you are continually inspiring me.

  5. Charlotte, your soda bread looks so beautiful... I'm sure there are more like me who would love your recipe and advice about how to make it. Maybe for St. Patrick's day?

  6. Just found your blog while searching for info on Saint Brigid... What fun. Breakfast in the snow! Happy feast of Saint Brigid--may her prayers be with us!

  7. I just saw the link - thank you!


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