Sunday, February 6, 2011

PomPom Tutorial

These super-easy Super Bowl pompoms have become a tradition in our house. My kids can make them totally on their own now! Here is another tutorial with updated colors for this year's teams, or rather... team. (I refuse to root for the Steelers.)

You will need construction paper, craft sticks, scissors and tape.
Cut your paper into thin strips leaving a couple of inches at the top uncut.
 Thin strips work best, we've discovered!
Tape the edge of the paper to the craft stick.
 If you are using two different colors in one pompom, tape each piece to the craft stick separately otherwise, one of your pieces might come flying off mid-cheer!
 Roll up the rest of the paper onto the stick and secure the outer edge with more tape. Make sure you also tape it to the craft stick for extra security. You can choose to scrunch your pompom or leave it the way it is.
Now... CHEER!

Can you tell my mood has improved? The sound of dripping outside is a balm to my soul, but not as much as leaving the house for the first time in four days to go to Mass last night!


  1. I, too, root for the team that is playing the Steelers.

  2. I refuse to root for the Steelers as well.

  3. Yay - Go Packers! My kids made a similar pom-pom that is currently decorating the dog's collar. :)

    I really should get the camera out, but we're too busy getting ready for our Superbowl party. LOL.

    Enjoy the game!


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