Thursday, February 10, 2011


Him: Mom, a button popped off my flannel shirt!

Me: Sounds like it's time for you to learn how to sew on a button.

Sew he did!


  1. I sewed on 3 buttons and patched 10 pairs of jeans yesterday. I should have had him help me...I could have used the help! The girls were otherwise occupied.:(

  2. Way to go, mom! Teach those life skills. Everyone should know how to sew a button.

  3. I sure wish I had done this when my oldest was younger. I certainly plan to do it with the others. I prided myself in the fact that my oldest knew how to cook, clean, do laundry, and could have probably run my house better than I. But when I got the emergency call from him this past Christmas, I knew I had failed him in. Here he is in the Seminary getting ready to MC Mass and he pops a button on his Cassock. The boy was clueless on how to put it back on. I walked him through it, and after I got done I put a note in my school planner.........Make Sure All Children can sew buttons and use the sewing machine. :0)-

  4. Yeah!

    I taught my Brownie Girl Scouts how to hand sew buttons on and my son had to come to the meeting. He learned with the girls and did an excellent job considering that he's almost 3 years younger than them.

  5. Way to go! If you give a man a fish...


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