Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two guys with shovels

A friend in the Midwest posted on FB that one day after the "blizzard of the Century" they were already dug out and back in business. That just goes to show you how efficient people can be when they are prepared for this kind of weather. For those of us in parts of the world where sustained conditions like this...
...will only be a twice or thrice in a lifetime occurrence, our efficiency isn't so stunning.
After calling the city on this the third morning of the ice storm, they finally sent out a "sanding truck" to our hilly neighborhood...
Two guys with shovels in a dump truck tossing sand! Yup. That's how we do it in Texas. That is all ice out there too, not slush. 

BTW... I took this picture of one of the major thoroughfares after hiking to the end of our neighborhood. They haven't even made it to our street/hill yet! I guess when you don't live next to any Super Bowl venues, you just don't count!

P.S. Our neighborhood used to be a drag strip before it was a neighborhood and we live on what was called "Shut Down Hill". That means we live on the hill where the racers used gravity to help slow down. That's not working too good for us right now!


  1. ooo I hope they are tethered. We had a WV Dept of Highways worker fall and die this year doing that.

  2. I just saw a news clip about how the steelers and packers had their own personal sanding trucks, provided by your DOT!!! Supposedly, the super bowl committee is supposed to pay the DOT back for that special service, may you and your neighbours just need to take up a collection!!! :)

  3. Our little town has no such guys with shovels. We are one big shut down hill too.

    Day three without coffee... at my funeral please tell everyone that I was a nice, cheerful sort of person who you were proud to know.

  4. Well, snow is a lot easier than ice! :) And we do live in Lake Effect Snow country-- so we're used to digging out.

    Which is good, since I'm out of detergent, and we need to go out to Walmart! :)

    I hope you get de-iced soon! Ice is the worst of all worlds-- you're stuck and home, and it makes lousy snowmen!

  5. It isn't fun when you aren't prepared. But heck, our Packers actually play outside in that kind of weather - yup, us northerners are nuts. Record breaking snowfalls and I was dug out by mid day and am back at work today.

    Stay in until the ice melts - there is simply no safe way to drive on ice unless you have chains.

  6. Crazy! That is a lot of ice!!

    I guess JoAnn took all the winter weather back to TX with her. It is sunny with a high near 60 here today... My kids keep hoping for snow though, sometime this winter. I guess we will see!


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