Friday, March 4, 2011

Piano Man

It was like a field trip that came to us. Our piano needed to be tuned and one of the keys was sticking a bit so Mr. Mike came and took the whole thing apart, tuned it and cleaned it. We were amazed! Seeing the kids' interest, he made sure to explain just about everything to them and he let me take pictures.
Yep! There's an app for that! I took this picture for my all-things-Apple loving husband. Mr. Mike said that his ear always overrules the app if he decides because he's been doing this so long. He was taught by a blind man how to tune pianos. The ear knows best!

Muting the strings with the felt allows him to hear only the outer tone.

When he took off the lower panel to vacuum, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the bridges and the sound board. It was a wonderful, educational opportunity that happened right in our own living room. The best kind, if you ask me!


  1. Ha ha ha... that's funny, I use that same app for tuning, and so do several of my fellow bandmates! It's a good one :-).

  2. Cool app! I have a blind man who comes to tune my piano. He never ceases to amaze me.

  3. That reminds me we need to have the "piano tuna" over, too! The girls have been saying it's off key. I think it's pretty cool that they can notice.;)

  4. Mr. Grimm is our piano tuner and he is VERY homeschool friendly--never minds the crowd of kids, explains as he goes, and plays a little tune when he's all finished...

    ...every single time he comes.

  5. What a cool post! We have a piano that need to be tuned. I never thought of to STAY home with the kids to let them watch.
    There really is an app for everything huh? I need to get with the world I guess!

  6. That is absolutely FASCINATING!!! I need ours tuned...the man you used...was he just in your neck of the woods? How did you know who to use (I have never had ours tuned!)

  7. Patty,
    I'm not sure how far he will travel. We just called our piano teacher and asked who she recommended.

  8. Pianos are so beautiful, inside and out. Love the pictures.

  9. Hi Charlotte,
    I am rediscovering your blog -- thank you for linking to Lenten ideas. Also we are looking for a new piano instructor if you have one to recommend, please. Beautiful blog!!!
    Margaret J.


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