Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

~the K.I.S.S. version! (Keep It Simple, Sweetie!)
After a morning trip to the dentist for 5 out of 6 of us and an afternoon filled with sinus headaches for most of us and fatigue for the pregnant mommy, our St. Patrick's Day festivities were significantly simple. Some potato leek soup...

...and soda bread was a welcome sight on the menu (easy on the mommy and easy on the teeth!)
(I love the beautiful cross that formed on top!)

...followed by a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream (hey, it's green!)

...topped with Shamrock Shortbread cookies I found at a local grocery store a few weeks ago and had stashed in my pantry.
(The kids thought I had made them so BigBoy wondered why they had chest hair.)
I call it a day! Happy Feast of St. Patrick to you!

May the love and protection St. Patrick can give,
Be yours in abundance as long as you live!


  1. You are amazing, even when you keep it simple!

    The bread turned out gorgeous. . . I love the cross!! And the cookies are so cute, chest hair and all. lol!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. All your food looks so simple and delicious. The bread looks so amazing, what a great crust. please share your recipe and secrets. Chest hair :) kids are so clever.

  3. Robina,
    I use this recipe for White Soda Bread and follow their instructions exactly. It always turns out perfect. The round pans I use are taller than your average cake pans...maybe 2 inches tall? I put one on top like the website recommends and it works great.

  4. St. Patrick would have loved the simple BEST. I am sorry you are feeling poorly! 'Tis that time of year round here where the sinus things go crazy.

    That chest hair comment was so funny!

  5. Hello Charlotte, I remember from "4 Real" that you described the sundaystickers from Liechtenstein. I know that the English stickers are not available anymore. Do you know if the German ones still exist and where I would find them?


  6. Sorry, Eva. I have no idea where to find them anymore.

  7. That soup and bread looks so yummy! Especially that beautiful cross on top of the bread!


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