Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Symbols Booklet

Using some images I found online and Jessica's quotes, I made this booklet of Easter symbols for my family to go along with the Easter candies I made for them. I printed mine out on white cardstock. I printed pages 1 & 2 front and back and pages 3 & 4 front and back. Page 5 is printed on it's own. Stack them like this:

The cover goes on the bottom with the pictures facing down. The egg page next with the egg picture facing down. The lily page goes next with the lily facing down. I drew a faint line with a pencil down the middle of the peacock page which should be facing up on the top of the stack. 

I hand stitched them with embroidery thread and longer stitches starting at the bottom, moving to the top and then back down again tying the two strings in a knot at the bottom. Don't try folding the paper until after the stitching. It makes it easier to fold.

Although, you can stack them any way you want. I just preferred certain pictures next to each other. You can download your own copy of the booklet from Scribd by clicking here: