Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yarn Along :: Easy Peasy

I finished my shrug and started one for Sunshine but I need some more yarn. Amy asked some questions about finishing it that I plan on answering in photo form once I finish my girl's. It was only a minor change to the pattern but made a big difference, I think.

This week, I am making... dish cloths! I know... BORING! But not really! I love making my own cotton dish cloths. Like Auntie Leila, I am not really a sponge person although the scrubbing ones do come in handy for some things and there are ways to disinfect them when you need to. I just like the idea of tossing a cloth into the washer, pouring on the hot water and knowing that  I can grab a fresh one from the drawer anytime I want. I have been known to use a clean cloth with every sink full of dirty dishes. I figure, they are reusable, so why not use them!

Anyway, this seed stitch pattern is one of my favorites to crochet because it produces a good sized dish cloth with little scrubbing bumps. Don't kid yourself, you can't scrub with them like a scrubbing sponge, but they do a decent job on most things and anything that needs serious scrubbing, usually gets soaked and scraped anyway! I always use Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, but in the past I've just used what I had and ended up with a hodge podge of colors. Thanks to Auntie Leila's advice, I demoted those to bathroom cleaning and made myself some beautiful dishcloths in my new favorite color: Country Stripes! Blues and greens just make me happy! So calming, like an ocean breeze. And sometimes, ya' need to be calm when staring down a pile of mucky dishes! That's all I'm sayin'. I've found that one ball makes 3 dish cloths.

Reading wise, I'm still having trouble convincing my brain that reading time is not nap time. But this book, Dictionary of Patron Saints' Names, has been promoted to a place of honor on my nightstand. Now that we know we are expecting a bundle of pinkness, it's time to find her a name!

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  1. I need to make myself some dishcloths also. I'll put that on my list....haha!

  2. I need to make some more dishcloths too. I accidently killed one last week when cleaning a knife, lol. You are totally right about them though. Nothing cleans like a homemade cloth. I hate using anything else!

  3. Lovely Caribbean sea colors, just like when we sail to the south! (Northwards, or bayside, is generally a much muckier shade between the Everglades draining and the utter shallowness of the place.)

  4. So pretty! I make my own, too, using the same cotton. They're also a great project for young girls who are just learning to crochet.

  5. Our girls have started learning how to crochet. They love it.


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