Friday, May 13, 2011

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Blogger is back but the post is gone. I am trying to recreate it from a draft copy that was saved.


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 I'm a simple girl, really. I love a cluster of carnations sitting pretty in something funky like this beautiful teapot which has never actually been used for tea! It's just so pretty with flowers in it! Why do carnations get a bum rap? They are cheap enough to buy more frequently and last longer than any other flower in a bouquet.

These colors sitting in my crochet basket are making me very happy! I'm working on a doll for the baby. When the girls saw this sweet thing, they decided that Cupcake needed one and even helped me pick out the colors. I'm thinking a baby girl's room done in these colors might be fun!
For those of you who don't have Lily's accounts (they are free!), the doll looks like this:

So after I took that picture yesterday, I decided to work a little more on the doll. The arms were frustrating me to no end so I did some finishing work on the face. Now I have this disembodied head looking up at me and it's kind of creeping out a little. I think I have to finish it soon just so it doesn't keep me awake at night.

Real ugly clouds outside my door. Thankfully, they only brought rain and not hail this time. Real glad to see them blow by!


  1. I'm with you, I love carnations! Can't wait to see the finished doll.

  2. Ok, I had to create an account just to see that doll! Cute colors. My neighbor is having twin girls and she is doing the nursery in pink, turquoise and chocolate brown. Cute, cute.

    I don't know why carnations get a bad rap -- flower snobs! I think they smell heavenly. Love that spiciness.

  3. And since I registered, I went ahead and browsed -- here's something to keep you busy!

  4. Oh my goodness! Those would keep me busy! But I've got another little baby project to start that just might take up the rest of the pregnancy. I'm attempting to crochet a baptismal gown. Your prayers would be appreciated!

  5. I love the colors in your crochet basket, too! They remind me of a quilt block I did for Michele--you can see it here--which in turn reminds me that I'm ACHING to get my fingers into something creative.

    Headless chicken mode is so overrated.

  6. I wonder if Lily could be made into a boy doll? My little ones are boys. I'm thinking something with a dashing mustache. Any ideas?

  7. Carnations have always been a favorite of mine --and your're right they last a long time.

    Love the teapot!

  8. "Now I have a disembodied head staring up at me and it's kind of creeping me out." Oh that made me laugh. And I can totally see how that would creep you out. It would do the same to me! ;) But your progress looks great nevertheless.

  9. The doll is adorable! I'm sure it'll be great when you're finished.

  10. I love the carnations and the doll. And the teapot.

    So funny that Margaret mentioned Michele's quilt square because I thought of that too. I think it's not only the colors of the yarn in the basket but the pattern on the fabric under the basket. Or just that Margaret and I are sharing a brain.

  11. Melanie,
    I think you are right. It's actually a folder that holds the patterns I am working on, but it is very similar to some of the fabric in Margaret's quilt block. The pattern on the folder is Vera Bradley's Bali Blue.

  12. I love carnations, too. Not only do they last long, but they have such a light and delicate scent.

    The dolly is super cute. I'm going to book mark the pattern, but I'm hesitant to start another project right now. I currently have three going as it is and I'm progressing so s l o w l y. Plus, I've never tried making a doll before... good grief, I'm such a chicken!

    I'm glad to hear the nasty weather passed you by. That's a relief.

  13. Now you are making me think twice about carnations! Very pretty indeed!

  14. Oh, no. It looks like the blogger snafu lost the comments that were with the old post as well... :( least I think I had left a comment on here already.

    Darn blogger.

  15. I love the Blue Willow and Statue of Our Blessed Mother. The statue looks like one I had as a girl. And Blue Willow is probably my favorite china pattern of all time.


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