Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Chasing bubbles at the park at 9am. That's the only time we get to be outside and it's usually bordering on unbearable even that early but today we had some unexpected cloud cover.


Coolin' off at the splash park once the clouds were gone.

 What exactly is the difference between "mostly sunny" and "partly cloudy"? Nothin' I tell ya! I think the weathermen know we'd go insane if it said "Stinkin' Hot" every single day!


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  1. Cute, cute! (except the temps!)

  2. What cute pictures! It looks like your kids were having a wonderful time!

  3. Oh man....I might have to take back what I said the other day about visiting TX even in the summer. Today the high is only 81 here...I should not be taking it for granted!

    Your photos are gorgeous, Charlotte :)

  4. Yep! That's a HOT week for you. Stay cool :-)

  5. Oh man, now I'm depressed. I've avoided looking at long range forecasts in the hopes of being surprised with rain or something.

    I am loving seeing more pictures of your family, by the way.

  6. Oh your children are adorable!

    Also...despite the heat, I miss Texas so very much! A summer without swimming just doesn't feel right here.

  7. Oh oh oh. I just can't believe that. I agree with your assessment of the way they report things though! Sometimes when we have a long string of weather they will put the change somewhere about 4 or 5 days out and then keep moving it out. Like on day 5, after rain, "partly sunny" -- only, it doesn't get there. They just don't want you to lose hope entirely.

  8. This is the time of year when they should be honest and say "it's hot. It's going to stay hot. Maybe until October."
    Love the splash pictures!

  9. And yet, they put those awful temps for days on end. Sigh. It really is just stinkin' hot. That's all they need to say. We know what they mean.

  10. Please do share...what camera and type of lens do you use? Your photographs are always so crisp, clear and awesome - both inside and outside.

  11. Anonymous,
    I use a Fuji Fine Pix S5200. It's about 6 years old. It has an SLR body but it's a standard point and shoot with a fixed lens and a 10X zoom. It's only a 5 megapixel. My husband tried to upgrade it for me last year but I didn't think the newer model was as good as my old one so we just stuck with it. Thanks for your compliments on my pictures.

  12. Beautiful pictures. I love splash parks! I hear you...we are in Ft. Hood and it just never seems to get cool around here anymore. Most of my grass is straw.

  13. Oh, Wow. I love these water parks! We don't have any near us, but got go enjoy them while traveling through the southwest. Why didn't they have things like this when I was a kid?? Stay as cool as you can Momma-and-baby!


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