Thursday, July 28, 2011

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The last little rose of summer?

The prospect of a tropical storm/hurricane hitting Texas has made everyone very happy! Rooting for a storm? Weird, I know, but we are in a serious drought cycle right now. The people in South Texas need it even more than we do. Bring it, Don!

The kids saw the leaves on our tiny little maple tree turning orange and asked if fall was near. Hah! Um... no. That's not burnt orange... it's just plain burned.

Auntie Leila... let me introduce you to "crispy"! You'll notice that the only parts that are still green are the parts that get some shade. Enjoy every minute in your wool socks and think of us! :)
The upside to it looking so ugly outside is that nobody wants to play out there anyway!


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  1. Your grass looks an awful lot like my backyard. At first I blamed our 19lb dog for peeing in the same spot all the time when the grass turned brown but now that it's widespread I don't think he's the culprit. Perhaps I should be blaming the high temperatures which are also responsible for my pool water hovering between 89-92 degrees these days.

  2. Your grass looks better than ours. What the sheep and cows didn't eat the grasshoppers have devoured.
    Charlotte in OK.

  3. I'm so sorry for everyone who's in the drought - I hope you get a good soaking soon!

  4. My lawn isn't quite so bad as that, but that's because my dad's been doing bits of watering on top of the normal sprinklers. I'm scared to see my water bill or my electric bill.

  5. We've been on vacation. I'm worried that the rattlesnakes have moved in! Your parched grass is a perfect illustration of a Texas summer.

  6. Wow! I really hope you get some rain and cooler weather soon. We've been enjoying refreshing rain showers most afternoons for the past two weeks (and we live in a "high desert" area). I've been enjoying it, but now I feel especially blessed knowing that other places in the U.S. are struggling so much. :(

  7. That is why I am not a fan of summer! Going up to the mountains is great, but down in the valley we live in, everything is turning yellow and "crispy." There are bugs everywhere and there isn't even a tomato in site yet to make all this worth it. Sigh.

    The leaf did crack me up, I could totally see the kids asking me the exact same question!


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