Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Tale of Two Cakes

Two cakes?

Who gets two cakes for their birthday?

My sweet husband does!!!

When your favorite cake is a very gourmet, very fussy flavored, lemon blueberry cake with a super subtle white chocolate cream cheese frosting that you just know your kids are going to grimace through every bite... you get to request two cakes! One for you and one for the kids to enjoy. And if you just so happen to end up with a piece of each on your plate, well... it's your birthday!!!

In honor of this fabulous man's birthday, I am sending you over to the Word on Fire Blog where Fr. Steve has a wonderful reflection on the saints of the day, Anne and Joachim. I tell you, my husband couldn't have better patrons!

P.S. I only make this cake on very special occasions because it's one of those recipes where you add the eggs one at a time and alternate adding the dry ingredients and the wet in small portions. Very fussy, but ohhhhh so worth it! If you like blueberries. And lemon. (My kids don't. They are so weird.)

P.P.S. Not having any corn syrup, I used a different ganache recipe than the chocolate peanut butter cake called for over at the smitten kitchen. I think that's why mine looks fluffier and less glazey than hers. But having sampled the peanut butter cream cheese frosting, I can tell you this cake is gonna be good!


  1. Ooh! They both look delicious!!

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. ooohhh scrumptious. Happy Birthday to your husband. My husband would love this double cake thing. shhh don't tell anyone, but me too.

  3. Happy birthday to my sweet brother! :)

    And that lemon-blueberry cake is TOTALLY AWESOME. Everybody over here loves it. :)

  4. There will be leftovers! You know where to find us. : )

  5. Wiping the drool from my face LOL

    Happy birthday to your husband!

  6. Happy birthday to the hu'band!

    (And I know where to find you, too, but that does mean that I could be there in time for the party. Sigh.)

  7. PS. Oh, and those cakes are gorgeous, comme toujours. We are making watermelon cupcakes this afternoon for a girls' get-together tonight!

  8. Happy birthday to your husband! We had the chocolate peanut butter cake for Buttercup's birthday and it was gooooood! She was right in warning you, however, that it is VERY rich! So yes, small pieces, even for kids!

  9. Happy birthday to your husband - isn't that PB cake oh so good?

  10. Oh my goodness, Jennifer! It was amazing!!! Most of my children have already claimed it as their next birthday cake! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. A very happy birthday to your husband!
    I'm so glad to hear that the PB frosting choco cake turned out well. It looks beyond delish! I'm hoping to make this cake for Mark's up coming b-day as his favorite is chocolate and peanutbutter. :)


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