Thursday, August 25, 2011

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If you're looking for something fast and easy to let the kids make and enjoy, then consider making some Brazilian bon-bons called brigadeiro. This pregnant lady was hankering for something chocolatey but all I had in the pantry was some sweetened condensed milk and cocoa. So I typed those ingredients into the Allrecipes search form and found these! They were more carmel-ish and not as chocolatey as my craving desired, but the kids had fun making them and eating them.

I loved the colors of the assorted toppings: rainbow sprinkles, crushed chocolate animal crackers (the favorite by far), crushed pretzels, & crushed almonds.

The children were very happy to enjoy them after dinner.

They were especially tickled when I buttered up their hands so that they could roll the bon-bons. They all started giggling like it was the weirdest thing I'd ever done to them.

So I could tell you that these were made on the feast of St. Rose of Lima (who is one of my confirmation saints) and that Brazil being right next door to Peru was justification enough for making them to celebrate this beautiful saint, but to keep it {real}... it was a total accident. Pregnancy cravings trump liturgical celebrations.
I am 37 weeks today! Full term, baby! This is the bag that the girls picked out for me to take to the hospital (and yes, it's washable). I let them choose because they're in need of a new piano bag to carry their books and sheet music in so once I'm done with it, they get to have it. They said it made them think of a Hawaiian vacation! Can I pray for a delivery that does the same? LOL!


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  1. OK, WHAT is in the outside pockets? It's looks like a mini-Van Gogh and a mini-Picasso.

  2. LOL Michelle! Those are the two images I printed out and laminated to take with me. One is Our Lady of Clonfert (also called the Irish Madonna of Hungary) and the other is the O Eve! picture from this post. I also have a St. Gerard holy card but it's tucked inside.

  3. Whoo hoo!!! Congratulations on the big 37! It's always so exciting to be officially 'full term'. Blessings for a wonderful last few weeks.

  4. Those are great looking treats! And I love your bag - I hope your delivery is vacation-like :)

  5. What fun and beautiful treats! I didn't have many pregnancy cravings, except fresh fruit, and a great way to give the kids something fun but constructive! Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery! (Maybe you can be like me and get the baby out in one push and go from 3 cm to born in 25 minutes! =) I think that's as close as you can get to a Hawaiian vacation when you have a baby.)

  6. Linny,
    That does sound like an easy delivery! You know, that chocolate craving came out of the blue. Up until now, I have only been craving fruits. The amount of watermelon I've eaten this summer is truly amazing.

  7. I love that you're getting so close!! I don't like that I'm not close enough to come visit you in the hospital. :(

  8. I'm getting so excited for you!! Weeeee!

  9. The bonbons look like so much fun, so does that bag! I hope labor lives up to it. :-)

  10. I bought that same bag FOR a Hawaiian vacation. It washed up nicely after a week in the sand!


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