Friday, August 12, 2011

Request for prayers...

I received this email from one of our homeschool families and I'm passing it along to all of you dear friends because I know that you are always so generous with your prayers and with your financial help when you can be. You can read the Help Lucy page here and learn more about Lucy's condition in the timeline her mom put together here. Please note the date of Lucy's surgery... the Feast of the Assumption! Let's implore the Blessed Virgin most especially to intercede for this family. (This is a real family in our homeschool group who lives in our area, not a scam.) Thank you, friends!


Dear Friends,

Lucy's surgery date is fast approaching, 3 days away now.  We have been very busy getting ready, CT scan, blood work, etc., as well as, trying to figure out a way for insurance to cover Lucy's surgery.  As of today, we officially have exhausted every avenue to cover her surgery on Monday.  There is good news though.  Since I last wrote, the hospital quoted us $155,000 for just the hospital part.  This was due to the fact that they didn't have the code for Lucy's surgery in their system because it is such a rare procedure.  After many, many phone calls they finally put the accurate information into their system and the new quote is only $49,000.  Of that amount we need to have a 10% down payment on Monday before the surgery and then we can pay the rest afterwards.  I am also confident that I will be able to negotiate a significant discount of the remaining amount afterwards.  

If you feel led to donate anything at all we truly appreciate it.  Once things settle down and I have all the bills and firm amounts, several people have talked to me about holding a fundraising event somewhere in town, something fun.  I will pass those details on as we know them.  

We have had many donations so far and we are so thankful for them.  The majority of them were under $100, with many being under $20.  A few people told me that they felt like just donating $10 wouldn't do anything.  The following is proof it does.  When we went for Lucy's CT scan last week they made us pay in full before they would do the scan.  Well, I had received just enough donations to cover this expense.  If it weren't for all of the smaller donations we wouldn't have had enough.  It goes to show we should never underestimate the power of small acts.  I'm confident God will help us take care of the rest of the expenses in one way or another.  As always, please keep Lucy in your prayers Monday during the surgery and what will probably be a very painful recovery.  

If you have not done any of the following things and are able, these are ways you can still help. 

1)Please donate if you can at

2)Purchase a product on my site.  All proceeds go towards Lucy's medical bills.

3)Forward this on to your family and friends.

4)Subscribe to the Swell Living blog to get updates.

5) Please "like" my  facebook page for Swell Living to help promote this on Facebook

6)If you are on Facebook share my blog, updates, etc. in your newsfeed or invite your friends to "like" my page.

7)Keep us in your prayers.

May God bless each and every one of you for helping out in any way.  I am confident that He will provide through the hands of many generous people.  We will keep all of you in our daily prayers.

In Christ's Peace,


  1. Thank you for posting this! When I clicked over and recognized the neighborhood from her pictures, it all became so real. Thanks for spreading this prayer need in our own community, I sent them what I could and will be lifting them up in prayer.

  2. Wow, this is heartbreaking! How can they demand so much money up front for a surgery to help a baby? I will donate what we can...


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