Sunday, September 4, 2011

Updated: Cupcake's real name below

For all you feed readers... Margaret will tell you how to pronounce it!


  1. I learned from MISpronouncing it, the accent is on the first A, pronounced like the A in "apple.". A-vi-la. Very pretty.

  2. What a beautiful name! I'm glad you updated for us "feed readers". :)

    Continued prayers for your peace, quick recovery, and blessed babymoon. Remember to: Rest. Rest. Rest.

  3. I lit a vigil candle at Mass in front of the statue of the Blessed Mother and Infant Jesus. Keeping you in thought and prayer dear friend. (and planning out somebody's little quilt)

  4. PS obviously that pronunciation guide was not for you, Charlotte. Of course you know how to pronounce your daughter's name. :-)


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