Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feast of St. Francis

Happy Feast of St. Francis!! He is by far, the most searched for coloring page I have:

Since going to the zoo is not possible today, I think we will check out the new ZooBorns. Here is a round up of ideas from the past:

Feast of St. Francis 2007 (animal masks)

Feast of St. Francis 2008 (animal cookies)

Feast of St. Francis 2009 (pet treats)

Listen to the prayer of St. Francis being sung by Sarah McLachlan.


  1. so glad you love that song too. I listened to it during labor this time. we were posting this at the same time this morning too. not so good a night last night with the wee babe, but somehow have had a second wind today while getting my act together to do St. Francis stuff with the kids. I think all those prayers of intercession to be a good mother that I prayed last night while trying to nurse a newborn to sleep were answered. oh and happy 1 month birthday to cupcake. we always do a 1 month cake too. so perfect to use the cupcake pan.

  2. Oh I didn't know about that great version of the song - so thanks so much, I will play it for my big kids when I pick them up today and head over to Blessing of the Pets! The version we had in rotation was not a favorite. Happy Feast of St. Francis and thanks for posting today.


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