Thursday, October 20, 2011

{p,h,f,r} What we have been learning...

The kids have been given a reprieve from the bulk of their schoolwork since Cupcake arrived. It's why we started early back over the summer. But that doesn't mean we aren't learning things like:
How to hold a pretty baby

Proper happy snuggling techniques

How to accessorize your baby and...

 that some babies don't like to wake up and find they've been accessorized.


Why in the world mommy has a mini-megaphone. BigBoy came up with that one. The Professor thought it looked more like an air horn. At least nobody guessed sonic freeze ray!

Right now,  I'm learning that it's really hard to wait for airplanes to arrive!


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  1. She's more than pretty -- she's gorgeous -- and everyone looks so very happy to have her! Wonderful pictures.

  2. Very cute post - everybody looks happy (most of the time!)

  3. Great pictures, lol with the 'air horn', and have a fabulous, blessed time once that airplane arrives!!

  4. OH, I love the ducky baby!!!

    God bless you all for this weekend, what a special day! Give Jessica a big hug from me too!

  5. I love it! Life lessons are some of the best.:) She's just happy for you all. Have a Blessed Weekend...y'all will be in our prayers.:)

  6. Air horn? Mini-megaphone? I actually used my first breast pump to unclog a kitchen sink! ;)

    Baby looks adorable--can't wait to see her!!

  7. Have a WONDERFUL time with Jessica! Baptism prayers and blessings to Cupcake!

  8. The best kind of learning is happening in your family right happy for you.

    Have a blessed weekend with your family and 'guest' :-).

    A gift was presented (sent to) on behalf of your Cupcake to a very sweet child in India. God bless!

  9. How wonderful to have a brand new little one in the house.

  10. She is beautiful! What a great post :)

  11. Congratulations she is beautiful! Isn't it funny what goes through kids heads.

  12. So beautiful!
    When I see that last picture I shudder thinking about how many times my toddlers have turned the pump to maximum - "turning it to 11!"

  13. Congrats, what a blessing! I prefer "stun gun" reference myself :)

  14. :-) I love sibling pics. Precious...

  15. Those top two photos melt my heart. Love, love, love those sweet siblings cuddling with each other.

  16. What a perfectly lovely family. Thank you for sharing these beautiful glimpses into your home and your heart!


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