Friday, November 11, 2011

Scenes from the Feast

Our horseshoe cookies were not as nicely shaped as Margaret's and they had no oats for his horse, but they had powdered sugar for the snow (isn't there snow in your St. Martin story?). Sunshine made them this year. My girls are getting so good in the kitchen since I have had to turn so much of it over to them. 

And our lantern turned out very pretty. I followed the link Dawn provided in this post and it took about 5 minutes. I just wished I had had a prettier shade of tissue paper. I loved sharing this feast day with these two sweet ladies even if it was only virtually. I remember their blogs being so inspirational to me when I first started blogging. Happy Feast Day!



  1. What a lovely feast day celebration! Good job Sunshine, on making those great looking horseshoe cookies!

  2. Likewise, sweet Charlotte! And good for you for letting the girls bake the cookie. Doing everything ourselves is not doing them any favors! Saturday. :)

  3. Cookies. That would be "cookies" with an "s", in the plural.

    Is there any other way to make them?


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