Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feast Day Fun

The girls put together this centerpiece and BigBoy decorated our Starry Mantle Tablecloth in honor of Our Lady's starry mantle. He takes this job very seriously! 
We enjoyed soft chicken tacos, homemade spanish rice (I use a quick and easy recipe, not an authentic one) with refried beans and sopapillas from the Mexican restaurant down the road. YUM!

Today, everyone except the baby and I headed to the dentist super early for some minor dental work of some kind and came back not really feeling like enjoying a hearty breakfast of cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa so we saved them and had them for dinner this evening. All in all, very lovely feast days!


  1. BigBoy did a fabulous job on the table cloth...what a great idea:) Happy Feast days from our house to yours!

  2. Your son did a great job on the table! He looks like he is a great helper to you!

    Have you ever celebrated the Feast of St. Stephen, the First Martyr on Dec 26th? I'm looking for ideas and it doesn't seem like a popular feast day.

  3. Noreen,
    We have never done anything in particular to celebrate St. Stephen's Day usually because we are wiped out form Christmas. We do have a couple of books to read on that day (Stephen's Feast and Good King Wenceslas) but those are more about St. Wenceslas, not St. Stephen. If you wanted to go that route, you could try to come up with some sort of footprints in the snow craft to go along with the story. Maybe collecting wood for a fire if that's something usual for you, I know it is down here.

    There is an old Irish tradition I've read about that has to do with boys kidnapping wrens on the feast day and carrying them from house to house but it wasn't a very nice practice, from what I remember, but maybe you could do some sort of bird craft, something with wrens specifically. Wikipedia has this to say.

    It might also be a nice day to do something special for your deacon, if you have one. Hope that helps.

  4. I meant to say "if that's something unusual".

  5. The kids did a wonderful job with all the decorations! So pretty!!

  6. Thank you Charlotte for the wonderful ideas!!


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