Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

We've got a new game to try out and a movie to enjoy and lots of fun snacks to munch on while we wait to ring in the new year! The children have already emptied their book store gift cards at what has become our annual New Year's Eve book store bash. Thank you, Grammie! As soon as my hubby gets home from picking up a sweet friend at the airport, I will have all of my dearest loves tucked safe inside my home, just where I like them on a night like tonight.

 Happy New Year to you all!



  1. She is so ADORABLE!!!!

    Happy New Year to you and you family!

    Holy Mary, Mother of God - Pray For Us!

    Love, Lori

  2. Please let us know how Dolphin Tale was! (And happy new year!)

  3. Shannon,
    My big kids and husband saw it in the movie theater so they knew it was good. This was my first time to see it and I was thoroughly impressed with the message, the quality of the production and the surprisingly pro-homeschooling message. If you have young, sensitive children, the hurricane scene might be a little too intense. I know that when mine were younger they wouldn't have enjoyed that scene. We probably would have skipped over it and just told them a big storm caused all the damage in the later scenes.


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