Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sisters, sisters...

There were never such devoted sisters.
Sunshine says, "There is nothing better than having a baby fall asleep on you."

These were taken a few days ago. We spent most of the afternoon today at the eye doctor. It wasn't a difficult visit but one of these lasses will soon be in glasses. : )
Do you want to guess who?


  1. This is wonderful! We have three five and under and the older two LOVE the seven-month-old, but I love thinking about still having babies when they're the age of your girls and how much they would really be wonderful big sisters then (I hope)! Enjoy your blessings!

  2. Awwwwwwww, love how sweet little cupcake is holding onto big sis's shirt!!!

    Your daughter has it right, nothing at all better than a baby falling asleep on you, it's one of the best things in the world!

    How blessed they are to know that.

  3. Sunshine is absolutely right, there is nothing better. So beautiful.

  4. Hmmm... Sunshine?

    Such beautiful pictures and sisters!

  5. Such sweet, sweet pictures! I wish I was there to hold her now that she seems so much more content when being held by others, and not just her momma! :) Your girls are all precious!

  6. What a beautiful sight! Takes me back..... Babies are such a blessing!
    Love, Lori

  7. And Big Sisters are too - of course!

  8. I completely agree with Sunshine!


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