Friday, January 27, 2012


“Nothing in the world is quite as adorably lovely as a robin when he shows off and they are nearly always doing it.”  ~ The Secret Garden

Our neighborhood had the privilege of hosting a flock of robins the other day. Four of the tallest trees surrounding our house were covered in robins! I recorded a little of their chattering! Ignore the lack of film skills and just listen to them talk.

“To speak robin to a robin is like speaking French to a Frenchman” ~ The Secret Garden


  1. Oh lovely! I don't think I've ever seen more than a dozen robins together.

    Incidentally, did you know that the American Robin is actually a different species than the European Robin? I just learned that last year. I think it was named after the European bird by homesick settlers because it has a similar red breast; but the two are not closely related. So it's a bit funny-- and maybe a bit sad too?-- to think that all those Robins in English books are actually a different sort of bird.

    1. I didn't know that! I am a little sad now.

    2. I just looked up a picture of a European Robin. They do look like cheeky little buggers!

  2. Delightful, thankyou.
    There are Robin species in NZ also, with plumage in dark grey or black with white and lemon (no red) and with the characteristic lovely song-notes. I've never seen one as they live in the native forest areas. I loved seeing the Robin Redbreast in 'The Secret Garden'.

  3. Emmett loved this video--he came in from the other room "chattering" the way cats do when they think birds are nearby! :)

  4. That's so great to hear! This morning Paul came into the kitchen and was ecstatic to tell us he heard a bird singing outside. I wondered if it might be a robin but that would be way too early for us!


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