Friday, February 3, 2012

Bandana Blanket Winners!

We decided to draw names from an actual hat. This hat belonged to my grandpa. I loved him so incredibly much! He was a farmer.
 This is BigBoy. He got to be my helper because today is the feast of one of his special friends in Heaven!

 Wow. That's a lot! They almost didn't fit inside the hat. Good thing Grandpa had a big head.

And the winner is....
But wait... Sarah knows that she's bringing home a sweet bundle of pink in a few weeks.  And this blanket just doesn't scream PINK. So I made her an offer...

I will make her a girlie girl blanket and she can choose someone else to receive this blanket.

So, the winners are Sarah from Amongst Lovely Things and... 


Congratulations, ladies!!!



  1. OK, I just have to comment on his beautiful eyes....he's adorable!

    1. We have two shades of brown eyes in our family. His are brown like caramel!

  2. Yippee!!!! Thank you!!!!

    (And I agree- BigBoy's eyes make me all melty).

    So fun, Charlotte- thanks!

  3. You're so sweet to make another one, and they both deserve it!


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