Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What to do with cracked eggs? You know you will inevitably get one or two this weekend. Well, a cousin of mine posted a picture of some eggs that looked like these on FB and it reminded me of some Chinese Tea Eggs I had made a long, long time ago (very early in my married life!). So I made these to show the kids and they were so excited that now we will be adding them to our Easter plans this year.
Super easy! Just boil the eggs the way you normally would. When they are finished, move them to a bath of ice water. After they are cool enough to touch (just a few minutes), pick them up and crack them gently with the back of a spoon. You decide how cracked you want them to be! Drop them in a cup of ice cold colored water (I used food coloring but you could probably use Kool-Aid or even natural dyes). Don't worry about adding vinegar... you aren't dyeing the shells. I left mine in the fridge overnight to get these really vibrant colors. Peel the eggs and then... viola!
I think these would make some ultra colorful Deviled Eggs, don't you?



  1. You don't even have to wait for them to cool. I made these last Sunday and just poured out the hot water, gave them a crack and threw them in the coloured water. They were the hit of the birthday party lunch.

    1. I like to place my eggs in an ice water bath after boiling to keep the yolk nice and yellow and prevent that ring of green that sometimes forms but you are right, it's not necessary.

  2. So beautiful! Thank you for reminding us that even imperfect things can be beautiful :)


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