Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Eggs

The kids wanted to make eggs using vegetable dyes again and were really excited about it until the stench of boiling cabbage, onion skins and vinegar started choking them. If you've never dyed eggs with vegetable dyes before, then let me warn you that your house WILL smell like sauerkraut!
Suddenly, they were nowhere to be found! I'm kidding, kind of. They did help make the botanical eggs, inspired by Alicia
We actually had a problem with our red cabbage eggs this year. The dye didn't take for most of them. I suspect too much baking soda but I haven't tested that theory out yet. Since the Easter season lasts 50 days, there is still plenty of time to experiment!
We made some more marble cracked eggs but the kids gobbled those up for their Easter morning breakfast before I took any pictures.

How did your eggs turn out?

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  1. Those turned out beautiful! I just love those botanical eggs, so pretty!

    We haven't had a chance to dye eggs yet, but maybe we will still get to it sometime this Easter. There is still plenty of time, right? :)

  2. We need to try again. :( We had success with blueberries and the red cabbage dyes but all the others I tried (from another site) failed. My mom always does the onion skin dyes and wraps hers up in old stockings as well. I should have done it her way. Yours turned out beautiful!

  3. I meant to add, the kids didn't seem too disappointed since it was a fun learning/science experiment!

  4. Ok I had to pin the eggs to my Pinterest board. I love the one with the leaves. So beautiful.


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