Friday, May 25, 2012

Jane Austen Birthday Wrap-up

My girlie girls had so much fun yesterday! And the t-shirts they painted turned out even better than I imagined because they each added their own style!
One of their friends was able to come back to our house after the tea party.
And the cake was perfect, according to the birthday girl! Thanks to Julie at Mommie Cooks! for her help in figuring out how to tint the batter.
But that was yesterday. Today we are on to birthday #2. 
Bigboy turns 8! 
Here's a sneak peek...
A cake worthy of Mr. Willy Wonka himself!



  1. Love the shirts! They turned out wonderfully!

  2. The shirts are super cute and the cake is so perfectly pink!

    Happy Birthday Bigboy!!!

  3. The shirts look great. Bigboy's cake looks amazing. For a moment I thought you had found a way to turn Kit-Kats into an M&M basket. My M&M loving six year old would LOVE that cake.

  4. i love everything about this party. my favorite is the banner. love it. love it. Love the Willy wonka cake. Happy Birthday to both of them!!

  5. More than happy to help! Your pink cake turned out amazing! A very happy birthday to both your kids. :) And let me just say that the candy cake looks incredible!


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