Thursday, May 3, 2012

{p,h,f,r} Recital Redux

This is the outfit that Cupcake wore to the piano recital.
This is not the outfit she came home in.
More on that later.


Apparently, coffee grounds make my gardenia bush VERY happy! Look at all these blooms! It is blooming like crazy! We've lived here almost 10 years and this bush has never produced like this before!

This is the outfit she watched the piano recital in. Because when you are a baby who hasn't had a stinky diaper in two days, the optimum time to clear your bowels is when you are sitting in a beautiful, frilly dress... in your car seat. You know, car seats have the double threat of multiplying the force of the stinky explosion by their shape and simultaneously muffling the sound with their cushioning so that the unsuspecting Mommy doesn't discover the disaster until she has picked the baby up and is holding the cute little post-detonation stink bomb in her arms. Yeah. That was fun. So, um... about that pretty little dress. It is no more. We left it buried at the bottom of the bathroom trash can. Not because it was too dirty to clean but rather... we had to cut it off her body. Uh huh!

It was THAT bad.

What else could we do? It was a pullover style with a little too tight waist/shoulder ratio anyway. No zippers, no snaps. Neither Sean nor I could see anyway to remove it from her without smearing stink all over her head. I wiped off what I could in the parking lot while traumatizing all the little children who were hurrying in to play their recital pieces first, wrapped her up in a blanket, carried her into the restroom and proceeded to bathe her in the sink. Thank goodness this Protestant church had nice bathrooms! I probably should have left an apology for the janitor.

It's real hard to take pictures of standing babies. She kept trying to bounce and sway.
Who me?


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  1. You had me laughing through that whole part about the dress!!! (been there and probably will be there again someday)

    Reminds me of a time I think last summer, at a park, the girls found a wedding dress in the bathroom garbage...I was like "PUt that thing down!!!" Who knows what was on that thing!!!

    At least you had another dress with you!!

  2. Too cute and too funny. We just had that happen last weekend at my nephew's baptism but it definitely was not as bad as yours. I could keep my dress. Whew!

  3. Oh no! Explosive poopy diapers are the worst and they ALWAYS come at the most inopportune times. Your gardenias are beautiful.

  4. LOL! Oh, that is too funny! We've had some doozies over the years, too, and one that sticks out in my memory is when I unbuckled the baby out of the car seat (which *does* muffle the sound) and proceeded to walk into the supermarket with baby held close. I felt something drop on my sandaled foot. I had poop all. over. me. I turned around, went back to the van, buckled the baby back into the nasty carseat (I had no choice) and drove back home to clean us up. Ah, good memories. ;)

  5. Too funny!!! She's such a cutie!

  6. I so enjoy seeing pictures of your adorable daughter. She makes me smile. And of my, what a story!! I have never had that happen to that extent (yet!!)

  7. Oh my goodness, that babys is SOOOOO cute, poop and all. Thanks for the laugh!!!! I always think one of our kids is going to ruin the baptismal gown, and it's still alive!! Thanks for the wonderful pix of your adorable and absolutley scrumptious cupcake! (Sorry, she is just THAT cute. And I have a hunch she knows it!)

  8. LOL! Been there, done that - only it was my son, not my daughter, who had the most prolific blowout in our family's history!

  9. You poor thing! Pretty funny, though. :D

  10. Seems to be the week for cutting outfits off due to poo. I had to do the same thing :( Too bad, that really was a pretty dress.

  11. Your baby! Your baby! She has the most scrumptious arms EVER.

    Primrose read your post aloud to me as I was nursing the baby and we were both LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING because that happened to us just today! Okay, so we weren't at a piano recital. Those car seat blowouts are really a wonder.

    Second day on cloth diapers here. So far we've had two poops and two blowouts. I think i need to fiddle with tightening the elastics. I'll let you know how it goes!

  12. She is so cute! I love seeing her in the little ladybug outfit! So happy it fits her. :)

  13. And I love the new blog design!! Very pretty!

  14. Love the new design on the blog...absolutely lovely. The dress story had me laughing and choking on my tea. Oh good gracious I could just see it all happening. LOL! At least you have the photos of her in the dress. So cute!

  15. I LOVE that baby. She is the cutest thing ever. Mine is two weeks older than yours so I love comparing the two. I'll bet your girls love her to death. Very nice updated page;I like it!

  16. Oh dear. I am sorry for the loss of the dress. Anthony had a major blowout in our baptismal gown. Fortunately it did clean up just fine and the only stains the gown has are the small chocolate spots on the ribbon it gained when Bella was baptized in it.

    You Cupcake is just adorable. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  17. So sorry about the diaper mishap, but what an adorable baby! So kissable! :-)


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