Thursday, June 14, 2012

{p,h,f,r} Hello! Cupcake here!

Mommy thinks I look pretty in these things she puts on my head.

 I, on the other hand, do not. But she keeps putting them on and I keep taking them off. I guess it's a little game she likes to play. I like to play games! The Dropsy Game is my favorite right now but Mommy doesn't like to play that one as much so she lets me play it with my big kids.

 I figured out a new way to make everyone super happy. I just put my hands together like this...

...over and over and the big people around here just go giddy crazy! They start doing it too! I guess they learned it from me. They are so smart!

It's time for Mommy to get real and admit that she needs some help figuring out how to take pictures of a wiggly baby because I am always on the go these days and a lot of her pictures turn out like this...
You guys got any ideas for her?


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  1. No ideas here, but you are SUPER cute! You'd be great friends with my babe....he loves to clap and play the Dropsy Game too! ;-)

  2. Too cute, Cupcake! Kitty Katkins likes to play the Dropsy Game, too. I wish I had some advice on the picture taking. I get loads of blurry ones when our little one is on the move or doesn't want me taking pictures.

  3. So cute! Mama could put the camera on continuous shoot mode and take a series of shots. You might get one or two that are less blurred.

  4. Just too cute. Email me at and I will send you a headband bow for free!..

    God Bless you and your family.

  5. Tell your Momma that while it is hard to take pictures of a squirrely (albeit darling) baby, her camera is focused on the bookshelf behind you. The "continuous shot mode" advice (again, your momma will know what that means) is also good.

  6. I LOVE this baby! Wish I could just give her one little 'mooch! We call it "having the dropsy". Thank you for the pictures. I needed my Cupcake fix this week.

  7. I LOVE this baby! We have a baby who "has the dropsy", too! Thank you for posting these pictures! i needed my Cupcake fix this week. :-)

  8. Mommy is right! You are super cute with your pretty headbands! She's growing up so fast Charlotte! What a fun age she is at right now!

  9. Dear Cupcake,

    Please come to my house and play with me. I can't do that fancy thing you do with your hands but I can giggle now and I bet that would make me giggle!

    My mommy might have an idea or two for your pictures but what kind of camera does your mommy have? My mommy needs to know so she can give some ideas. I hardly know what my mama even looks like without her big black camera in front of her face.


    (oh we have such delicious names, don't we!)

  10. Ditto, what Margaret in Minnesota said about the camera.

  11. Sport mode works, too, Cupcake! You are too darn cute ;)

  12. I came here from a link to read about homeschooling, but I guess you're not too interested in that these days? Why bother when you're just so cute and you've already figured out how to put your hands together? I'm sure you can teach them all a thing or two at your house.

  13. Tell your mama I said, "Quit torturing that baby." Doesn't she have any of those teeny, tiny Velcro bows that are so light you might forget about them?

  14. I've given up keeping headbands on my daughter. Let me know if you figure out how to keep them on! Se is super cute!


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