Monday, July 2, 2012

10 months old

Hello! It's me again... Cupcake! Mama wanted me to try on my Fourth of July shirt. I admit I wasn't in the best modeling mood this morning.
Nope. Not gonna smile. I'm tired of it, Mom. You tried to stick the ribbon to my head! (Yes I did.)

Wait... is that what I think it is? Oh... okay... one little smile. 
But not for you. I'm still moping about that ribbon thing. I'll smile for the puppy. He's never stuck anything to my head.
Now, if you don't mind. I've got things to do like crawl, furniture cruise, play with my dollies, and tell mama when I need some milkies. I learned the sign for that. I can even do it double fisted when I'm really hungry. And read... I love to read! It's so nice of them to keep all of these lovely books right here where I can reach them! See?
Who's idea was it to put this tutu thing on my bum, you may wonder. My girlies did that.
They thought just the onesie made me look like a boy and since I won't wear hair accessories... out came the tutu.
Now, back to a very serious course of study and prayer for our country. Have a great Fourth of July! God, please bless America, even when we don't deserve it.


  1. Lovely little one! God bless America.

  2. Way cute! Enjoy that sweetie!!

  3. So one of my FAVORITE body parts of a baby is the back of their chubby little necks, from the hairline down to that cute divot. She is so cute!


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