Thursday, July 26, 2012


A few weeks ago, the lovely Dawn shared an idea that she did with her boys to celebrate her husband's birthday. I showed my kids and they loved it and immediately sat down and came up with ideas to go in a box for their Dad's birthday (which is today!). Funny how "a visit to the Apple store" ended up on both of our lists! (I get the feeling Bill and Sean would get along.) My kids called their dates "Dadurdays" because they are silly like that and like weird sounding words. Each of them also claimed a one-on-one date with Dad.
I didn't have a regular box, but I had this leftover book box from a St. Anne craft that I did a few years ago still stashed in my craft closet. (Happy Feast Day!) So, we painted it blue and green, the colors of his favorite football team. (Go Seahawks!)
While I was taking pictures in the kitchen, where I take almost all of my pictures, I noticed that the colors were the same as my favorite Polish tea for one set. He must be rubbing off on me! Except that he'd much prefer a steaming cup of Joe to my tension mint herbal tea.



  1. What a great gift! And I love your tea set. Enjoy your celebrations, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Really great gift idea (& holder)! I hope your husband has a great birthday. (I love your tea set too)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Sean, Charlotte!! Your box came out great! I hope you all enjoy many Happy "Dadurdays" to come! ❤

    Blessings to you all!
    ~ Dawn

  4. What a cute idea! Happy birthday Sean! Our kids have been enjoying spending daddy time lately fishing each
    Enjoy reading the ideas!

  5. Happy Birthday Sean!!

    I love the box! What a neat idea!!


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