Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Mystery...

So, we've had a slight change of plans and haven't actually started back to school officially yet. That change of plans included a change of sleeping arrangements for the big kids with the requisite furniture re-arrangement and cleaning out of junk and clearing off bookshelves that comes along with giving your already extra-tall 14 year old and your still-growing-not-getting-shorter-anytime-soon 8 year old the twin extra long bunkbeds that your definitely-not-extra-tall daughters have had for years and coming up with a new sleeping arrangement for them.

Anyway, in cleaning out the bookshelves we found an old copy of The Story of a Family: The Home of St. Therese of Lisieux. It has an autograph in the front that we can't identify.

We aren't sure where this book came from, possibly a used bookstore. It looks like an autograph, not a "this book the property of" kind of signature. We can't decipher the name at all but believe that underneath it says Phila (as in Philadelphia) 1950. Any ideas?


  1. Not sure of the name, but the handwriting is very characteristic of a Frenchman;)

  2. Do you have a used book dealer nearby? I wonder if he would be able to give you some clues.

  3. This may be a stretch...but that first part might say "Xaviar"???? I've got nothin' for the last name! Very interesting mystery though. Perhaps that Abbey still exists today? Maybe this person was a priest or a monk?

  4. Interesting... It's a great book! My guess for the last name is Godeuyi. First sort of looks like Vivian but I know that's not right :)

  5. Intriguing. I love old books and wondering who owned them, gifted them, etc.

    No ideas on the signature; but I can offer an interesting and useless bit of literary trivia: the translation was done at Stanbrook Abbey, which was the model for Rumor Godden's Brede Abbey in In This House of Brede. Though your edition was not printed at Stanbrook but by an American press.

    It isn't likely the signature is either the author or the translator, so I"'d guess it is the name of the person who gave the book as a gift to someone else.

  6. My guess for the first name is Marian.


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